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If it’s not broken, break it...

Obsessed with bringing the digital into the physical world and the physical into the digital world, isaac Budmen’s work focuses on the intersections between these two divergent parallel realities. He challenges our preconceptions of what it means to interact with and exist simultaneously in bits and atoms. In his commitment to integrity of material and exploration of application, Budmen redefines our understanding of material use and functional beauty.

Rooted in the question “What else can it do?” Budmen’s work in 3D printing disregards the “rapid prototyping” industry mantra in pursuit of a twenty first century aesthetic and uncanny practical application.

Budmen’s deep love of material and process and the dynamic interplay between the two is the foundation of his philosophy “process gives way to product”. This canvasing approach allows for the incredible diversity of materials and transcendence of any one industry in his portfolio.

This keen observation of the relationship between process and material character isn’t bound to any one application and is what puts traditional wood working techniques comfortably at home along side bleeding edge robotic technologies in his studio.

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*isaac budmen is also an artist, designer, author and inventor.
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