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connection • overlap • junction • crossing • merge • association • incidence • traverse
What is an intersection?
Where does one thing end and another begin?
If words are thoughts, what do we think without words?
Is a glitch, a glitch, if used with intent?
What happens at the intersection?

Philosophy | theory
What is creativity? The ability to think abstractly and execute concretely. The insight to connect the disconnected. The faculty to wonder: what if? The desire to discover, ambition to make and willingness to keep trying. Creativity is a skill, an intuition and a lens to take in the universe.

Driven by the question "What else can it do?" my work takes technology and explores its endless intersections, thus utilities. Pushing beyond convention and common practice to discover those areas at the very fringe of the possible present to synthesize our future. Refusing to accept that anything 'is', always wondering and experimenting with 'if'.

Discard ideas of too complex and embrace the belief that the only limitations we possess are those we place on ourselves. See each chance to tackle a challenge outside of our skill set or knowledge as an opportunity to discover, evolve and produce something truly original.

We live in a time where we can endlessly manipulate the bits and pixels that make up our digital world, why then should we accept that the atoms that comprise our physical lives are any less malleable?

Join me and explore the amazing possibilities of the present.

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Isaac Budmen is an artist, designer and lifelong inventor. His creative work exploring digital fabrication has been featured at the London Science Museum, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Whitewalls SF and other venues. Budmen has been invited to share his ideas as a speaker at SxSW, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYU’s Tisch School of Arts and other venues.

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