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Isaac Budmen is an artist, designer and lifelong inventor.

His creative work exploring digital fabrication has been featured at the London Science Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Whitewalls SF and other venues.

Budmen has been invited to share his ideas as a speaker at SxSW, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYU’s Tisch School of Arts and other venues.

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Below you will sampling of the product, projects and papers that result from Isaac Budmen experiments into the 21st Century life, technology and philosophy.


Imagine seeing your whole selfie. A timeless 3D version of yourself that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Made from a high resolution 3D scan of your head and shoulders and 3D printed in beautiful plastic.

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DRONOGRAPHY, a practice invented at Budmen Industries, is the process of 3D scanning larger-than-life objects with a flying drone. With these unmanned aerial vehicles, we can capture a building, monument, or any other enormous entity as a 3D model.

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Why bring home a souvenir when you can bring home a SCANVENIR?

A SCANVENIR is made from a 3D scan captured while on vacation. Budmen Industries curates SCANVENIRS from around the world, including the World’s First, a curious cat discovered deep within the Ozark Mountain Range.

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Throughout history, humankind has captured millions of ideas in the form of paintings and pictures.  What if we could bring those ideas beyond the page? DIMENSIONALIZATION, or the act of adding a dimension, is a unique service from Budmen Industries by which 3D objects are created from 2D images.

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Actualizing Abstraction

Discover the work of artists, Carolyn Frischling and Isaac Budmen, as they set out to realize an abstract digital work in tangible matter pushing beyond the edge of technological possibility.

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8 Bits, 3 Dimensions

In this collaborative project between artists, Adam Lister and Isaac Budmen, Lister's beautiful 8-bit inspired iconography is given an entirely new dimension.

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Pine Cone Collection

A collection of 3D printable desktop delights cleverly capturing the spiraling seeds of trees by Isaac Budmen. Available exclusively from Cults3D.

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