Actualizing Abstraction

Bringing abstract art into three dimensions with 3d Printing

Shortly after launching the 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions Collection with artist Adam Lister, Isaac Budmen was approached by Pittsburgh based artist, Carolyn Frischling, who was interested in bringing her abstract digital prints into the third dimension. Constantly experimenting with the vast array of digital tools made available by today's endlessly evolving technologies, Frischling's work explores dimension, movement, and the illusion of space in two dimensions.

Picking the piece

After studying Frischling's extensive portfolio the piece below was selected for it's unique dimensionality and visual energy. If you scroll to the right you can view photos of the planning studies for the piece.

Journey to the Third Dimension

While crafting the piece Budmen allowed his perception of the original work's 'illusion of space' to guide the form and structure. Each pixel was hand rendered into three dimensions, methodically and deliberately to retain the identity of the original work while allowing it to evolve in unique transformation to a new medium.

Above you will find some of the first renderings of the piece in 3D. At this stage the piece needs to be prepped for 3d printing, that involves making sure the model is hollowed out to save on material, thin walls are reinforced, and that our final 3d model is fully watertight, known as manifold.

Carolyn Frischling | Artist Statement

"What is particularly exciting to me is that our collaboration juxtaposes the abstract with the concrete, and a new thing is created from the synergy of our processes."

- Carolyn Frischling,

Abstraction, Actualized

Actualizing Abstraction was printed in gorgeous full color sandstone, the final piece is 9" x 9" x 2" in size and is meant to be displayed hanging like a portrait. To learn more about what 3d printing is and how works, check out The Book on 3D Printing

Where do the digital bits of the original work end and the physical atoms of the new piece begin? Are they one in the same or are they separate? Appearing to emerge from the wall the piece questions the limitations of identity, ponders the extent of perception and sparks the imagination at the possible present.

interactive 3d model

Click around on the model below to spin, pan and zoom around the interactive 3d model.