Team Budmen


Bust + Selfie = Bustie! bustie (n): a 3D printed 3D likeness of oneself, combination of the words bust and seflie

Photography was a technology that defined the 20th century, it gave us a glimpse of the globe through the single perspective of an image. 3D imaging, sometimes called 3D scanning, will define the 21st century by letting people explore fully captured 3D environments from virtually infinite perspectives. With virtual reality technologies they will be able to explore dimensional environments with haptic feedback. Using digital fabrication tools, like 3D printers, anyone will be able to recreate the 3D captured scene as a 3D object to touch and use.

Busties are this technology's early manifestation. Individuals are captured in three dimensions over the course of minute, where they must sit very still, their 3D likeness is then 3D printed into a handheld sculpture resembling a classical bust. Using the terminology of the 21 century, bust and selfie were combined to call these miniature sculptures Busties.