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World's First Scanvenir from the World's Largest Gift Shop located somewhere in the Ozark Mountains.


Bring home a scanvenir today! scanvenir (n): (n) An object from a 3D scan taken on vacation and fabricated at home

Souvenirs have long been a popular way of remembering a trip, event or other special happening. They act physical as reminders of where we were, what we did and who we were with. For as much personal and emotional value as we assign to souvenirs they are often mass manufactured items that are not intrinsically unique to our experience beyond that they were available for purchase.

A scanvenir is an opportunity to capture something truly unique to your experience. Maybe you visited a monument that meant a lot to you, maybe you went and hiked mountain and discovered a very large distinct rock at the top. Or maybe you saw something that just wasn't available for purchase but you loved all the same. Each one of these examples could be 3D scanned while on your trip and 3-D printed once you returned home giving you a unique artifact from your trip in form of a scanvenir.

As 3D scanning gets easier and the results improve in quality scanvenirs are likely to become a more popular behavior. Similar to the way a collection of photographs could tell a person’s life story, scanigraphs allow us to create over our life spans an intimate and personal history of things from our individual life experience.

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The example featured here is sundial designed by Thomas Jefferson and was reproduced from a 3-D scan taken while visiting his home in Monticello. This particular piece stuck out as a good scanvenir because it reminded me of Thomas Jefferson as an inventor and, as one of the tools he would use daily, reminded me that great inventors often invent for themselves first. Everyday when I look at the scanvenir on my desk I am reminded of that trip and of what it meant to me.